ERC Releases 2014 Directory of U.S. WTE Facilities

The Energy Recovery Council today released The 2014 ERC Directory of Waste-to-Energy Facilities, which provides information on the 84 waste-to-energy facilities in the United States and the key issues affecting the sector.   By processing post-recycled municipal solid waste,  today's waste-to-energy facilities:

  • Produce renewable, baseload energy
  • Reduce greenhouse gases
  • Create good-paying, green jobs
  • Operate with superior environmental performance
  • Complement and enhance recycling goals

Eighty-four waste-to-energy facilities in 23 states have the capacity to process more than 96,000 tons of waste per day with a baseload electric capacity of 2,769 megawatt hours.  Due to superior operational reliability, the nation’s waste-to-energy facilities process in excess of 30 million tons of trash per year, sell more than 14.5 million megawatt hours to the grid, and recover more than 730,000 tons of ferrous metals for recycling.  In addition, many facilities sell steam directly to end users offsetting the use of fossil fuels to make that energy.