Energy Recovery Council releases views on the Waxman-Markey climate/energy draft legislation

The Energy Recovery Council today sent a a letter to House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman and ranking member Joe Barton expressing its views on the draft American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.  In the letter, ERC identifies four specific items that must be addresssed to appropriately treat waste-to-energy as a climate-friendly, renewable energy source in federal legislation.

Pope/Douglas waste-to-energy facility set to expand

Following a trend in adding new waste-to-energy capacity, the Pope-Douglas waste-to-energy facility located in Alexandria, MN is set to expand its existing facility by adding a third boiler to increase waste capacity and energy output.  The expansion unit should satisfy the needs of Pope and Douglas counties until the years 2030 to 2035, according to the Pope/Douglas facility executive director Peter Olmscheid.   The Pope/Douglas facility joins a growing list of current waste-to-energy facilities that have chosen to expand.  In fact, it is the second expansion in Minnesota following the Olmsted County expansion currently under construction.  The Morris Tribune has a very informative article on the Pope/Douglas expansion and the reasons behind it.  As discussed in the article, it is important to note that the electricity generated at the facility qualifies as renewable energy under state law and can be used to help Minnesota reach its renewable electricity mandate of 25 percent by 2025. 

Texas counties explore waste-to-energy to ease their burdens

Time and again, news stories are popping up about local officials examining waste-to-energy as a tool to address many important issues at the local level.  The latest example is in Texas' Rio Grande Valley.  As their landfills begin to reach capacity and waste generation continues to rise, Starr and Hidalgo counties are exploring waste-to-energy as a means to manage their solid waste challenges, provide much needed energy, protect the environment, and create green jobs.  Jared Janes of The Monitor writes a very thorough article explaining the factors affecting the decision making of these two Texas counties.

New York Times Discusses Waste-to-Energy

In the Green, Inc. section of the New York Times, energy & environment reporter Kate Galbraith discusses"reviving the energy-from-trash concept" in the United States and abroad.  Acknowledging the difficulties associated with building new plants, she cites Wheelabrator officials who illustrate the promise behind expansion of the industry in the U.S.   Read the piece online at the New York Times.

Huntsville, Alabama finds that one man's trash is another's treasure

Huntsville, Alabama and many other communities around the country find that waste-to-energy provides valuable energy from waste that would have gone to "waste".  The Huntsville Times published a very good article outlining the benefits of waste-to-energy in their community, including reducing greenhouse gas reductions, reducing the volume of trash, selling valuable electricty, and extending the life of their landfill.