WTE features in Florida recycling law

Florida Governor Charlie Crist signed into law this week legislation (HR 7243) that would promote recycling in Florida and provide waste-to-energy an important opportunity to contribute toward that goal. Under the new law, each county must implement a recyclable materials recycling program that shall have a goal of recycling recyclable solid waste by 40 percent by December 31, 2012, 50 percent by 2014, 60 percent by 2016, 70 percent by 2018, and 75 percent by 2020. In order to promote the production of renewable energy from solid waste, each megawatt-hour produced by a waste-to-energy facility shall count as 1 ton of recycled material and shall be applied toward meeting the recycling goals. If a county creating renewable energy from solid waste implements and maintains a program to recycle at least 50 percent of trash by a means other than creating renewable energy, that county shall count 2 tons of recycled material for each megawatt-hour produced.